Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mommy = Giant Warm Pillow

So I had all these plans today because Addie was awake for a few hours this morning and then went to sleep. I was going to take her outside in her bouncer and get some gardening done and the plants in the ground (or we won't have any veggies this year), and get some laundry done and some cleaning done while she napped. I really should have known better. This is how I've spent my day: a bed and pillow. Addie woke up fussy about the time I got dressed and prepared to start all my plans for the day and wouldn't sleep anywhere except on me, with my arm as her pillow. But she's just so adorable, she's totally worth my house staying a mess and my garden being empty. So her and I are snuggling on the couch today and watching tv online and playing on the internet. Good way to spend the day I think. Not productive in the conventional sense, but that's ok. It's productive Addie time. She gets good sleep so she can grow lots and I get lots of love and snuggles. And I really can't resist watching her sleep. I can soothe if she has a bad dream and watch her cuteness as she smiles and laughs if she has a good dream.

It's a good day. Definitely. My daughter is amazing. And I love her lots and lots. Plus, she's so smart! She smiles and has been holding her head up for weeks and will only be 6 weeks tomorrow! She's starting to mimic faces and learning to bring her hands (and whatever she manages to grab with them) to her mouth to taste. She likes tasting things. Especially fingers. But not cold wash cloths. She does not like cold wash cloths.

Well, I'm going to snuggle with my baby girl some more and maybe go try to find some easily accessible food. All this snuggling and playing on the couch worked up my appetite (or I forgot to eat again, one of the two). As a parting note, here are some pics of Addie from her first month of life:

A few days after being home, we were all exhausted.

Sleeping on Grannie

Her Uncle Nate and Aunt Carol got her this onesie. Isn't it hilarious? Nate has a matching shirt.

Ignore me, but this is Addie favorite sleeping spot on her people obviously!

She was not a happy camper with her mommy.

The girl loves her bath time...

There's a smile!


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