Thursday, September 30, 2010


Yes, that's right, I FINALLY took belly pictures. I meant to do this at 5 weeks when we found out we were pregnant, then at 10 weeks right before our first OB appointment and ultrasound and then each subsequent week I felt guiltier and guiltier for forgetting something important for the baby book that I'll eventually buy when I find a good sale (I'm cheap and refuse to pay full price lol). Now, before I post said pictures, a brief disclaimer. If you notice the funny look on my face, it's Jereme's fault. He kept snapping the camera and saying "Show me sexy!" and being a general I couldn't keep a straight face or hold still from laughing. But I love him anyway. Silly man. So without further ado (drumroll please!), belly pictures!

Again...funny look = Jereme being a dork. And speaking of him being a dork, the baby is just as ornery. He (we don't actually know the gender, but I really think he's a boy) steals all my water so even though I'm drinking like a fish, when I eat any fruit, I react to it. Last week I was craving salads and tomatoes and green olives and apples so lo and behold, baby takes all the water and my allergy to citric acid is now a hyper allergy and I broke out in my normal reaction in 7 places!!! UGH! But hopefully it will go away soon. I'm also getting a taste of Jereme's weird melon allergy somehow (maybe the baby's allergic and shared?) I ate cantaloupe the other day and my neck got all red and itchy. So no more melon for the Trinity :( That's ok, it's all out of season now anyway.

And now for the side picture, where you can actually see the start of the baby belly...

So this is me and baby Tadpole at 15 weeks. While I'm remembering to post baby pictures, here's the ultrasound pictures from 10 weeks 2 days:

And even though this makes me sound like a crazy mommy-to-be, if you look really close at the second one you can see his face and he looks like he's smiling for the camera :) See, our little guy's got lots of personality already!

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Lanette said...

Awww!!! I love all the pictures! You look beautiful, and while I don't see much in the ultrasound pics, I love that you do =) Love ya!!!!