Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Ball: Final Destruction

So, I was planning on blogging about the wonderful miracle of corn starch I recently discovered. But as I sat down to write, I look up to see my living room covered in tennis ball pieces.

Yes, our dear, adorable puppy destroyed yet another toy. This time? The tennis ball. He de-covered it days ago. It took him about two weeks, but he managed to pull all of the fuzzy covering off the tennis ball. And now? He decided there must be something inside the ball. No idea why he would have thought that, but he must have.

So, of course I had to throw the tennis ball away finally, and he wandered around the house whining trying to find it. Eventually he gave up but now he's driving me nuts - of course. He wanted to go out side; I let him out. He walked outside and stood in the middle of the patio just looking around. I told him to come back inside; he walks part of the way back and stops. Looks at me and just stands there. I had to go pick him up and carry him back inside. So now he's pouting. He's like a toddler, I swear. And yet we're looking at getting another one, lol. If all goes according to plan, we'll have 2 puppies, a baby, and two full-time jobs within the next year. Why yes, yes we are crazy.

Oh speaking of a baby, I ran across something interesting today. First Response came out with an over-the-counter fertility test. Who knew? Not that I'm paranoid and going to go out and buy it (the doctor said considering my age and medical history, she wouldn't start worrying until we've been trying for at least two years), but I was still stunned. I've always assumed that determining a woman's fertility was far too complicated to use a simple test to determine. To each their own I suppose. That's why I'm not the doctor.

Well, Titan's now trying to climb in my lap so I must be forgiven for the traumatizing disappearance of his tennis ball. Time to snuggle with my puppy and make myself Chinese food for the third night in a row (nothing else seems to sound nearly as good).

Oh, nutritional thought for the day. Try edamame! Marvelous, delicious, wonderful health food. Throw a tiny bit of kosher salt on and bon appetit!

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