Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Joys of Homeownership

You know, when we originally started looking to buy a house, I knew whichever one we picked would have its own little quirks, like any other, and we'd need to get used them. But it feels like there is far more that goes wrong when you own house than does when you rent one. How on Earth does that make sense??

Maybe it's because, when it's our house, we look for things that are wrong so we can fix them before they get worse, and when it's a rental, we try to ignore problems because there's nothing we can really do about them. But for heaven's sake, the list just keeps growing!

The "Honey Do/Fix" list currently contains the following:
- Lengthen washer drain pipe so the washer stops overflowing and I can finally do a load of laundry without supervising the behavior of said washer.
- Fix kitchen exhaust fan so it can be used (it needs extended to the roof and out so it doesn't just send all the moisture to the attic).
- Clean "mold-like substance" out of attic and spray area with bleach water to kill any future growth.
- Add insulation to attic.
- Fix gap in guest room window so the rain and wind will stop coming into the house.
- Look into replacing the heater vents in the living room, guest room, and master bedroom so the heat will circulate more evenly (and the rooms will all be warm consistently).
- Clean excess wood out from under house so the termites won't be tempted to make our home theirs.

And then there's my list:
- Clean spots from living room carpet (and try to figure out where they came from)
- Tear out bushes from behind the garage.
- Fill Titan's hole or fix the hole in the fence that allowed Titan into the neighbor's yard (again) behind the garage.
- Replant both flowerbeds - ideally with perennials this time.
- Replace swing set seat (and possibly chains).
- Clean off patio cover so mold won't start to grow there from the leaves and moisture.

The most recent additions? 1. Clean gutters and figure out why the drain next to the master bedroom drains funny and loudly. Fix. And 2. Fix drain in bathtub so it will actually drain (instead of filling with dirty, soapy water up to several inches above your ankles every time you shower).

And that's not even counting what I want to do. Like paint the living room and master bedroom. And paint the ceiling in the kitchen and master bedroom so you can't see the cracks in the sheet rock from the house settling. And put new carpet in the master bedroom instead of the hideous orange mock-shag that's currently in residence. And replace or fix the living room carpet so the hole by my desk will go away. And potentially replacing the shower head so it will actually aim where it's supposed to, instead of at the faucet. And replace all the windows (or at least the two big windows) with vinyl ones so those rooms can stay appropriately warm or cool depending on the season. And replace the front and back door with solid core doors. And being able to finally replace all four locks so we have one key to the house instead of three. And I could go on and on...

Slowly but surely. Eventually, the lists will be completed. Right? I certainly hope so; although odds are we'll just find more things to add. Jereme's supposed to fix the bathtub tonight (please God) so I can finally give Titan a bath, which he definitely needs. If all else fails, I guess there's the kitchen sink. He's small enough. Although that would mean I have to stop procrastinating on doing dishes...

But at least the roof is good for another 13 years or so. And the foundation is solid. And no pipes are broken...that we know of anyway. And we're both gainfully employed. See? Quirks. Some little, some certainly not so little. We deal. And bang our heads against a long as we don't break the wall...

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