Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Project Day

I must say, there are times when my husband and my father-in-law are totally my heroes. Soon after moving in to our new house, we discovered that the laundry room pipes were problematic. Apparently, it was a do-it-yourself job and the plumbing was not done by a professional. Low and behold, none of it was up to code and the plumber couldn't even give us an estimate for what it would cost to bring it up to code (ironically, he told us to call a plumber...which told me he was definitely not who I wanted "fixing" our house). So we've been dealing with the drain pipe for the washer overflowing since week 1. Our temporary fix is that as soon as the washer starts draining, I race to the laundry room (usually followed by our puppy, Titan) to stand and listen to it drain. As soon as the water gets near the top of the pipe, I lift the lid so the washer stops and the pipe can drain, and then start it again. I do this until that drain cycle is done.

Well a month or so later, the pipe connecting the laundry room sink to the rest of the plumbing cracked. Happy, happy, joy, joy because the dishwasher drains through that pipe and the washer's drain pipe backs up into it when it's trying to drain...so my laundry room floor had a giant puddle. My temporary fix was this:

Well, last Thursday was Jereme's "Project Day." His dad drove up and the two of them tackled the cracked pipe and my kitchen (Jereme's parents bought me a garbage disposal for Christmas). After fighting with the pipes for an afternoon, we now have a marvelous garbage disposal and no more leaky pipe. Yay!

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