Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dog + Bush = Lots of trouble with Mom

So one side of our yard (the side behind our tiny garage that's really only useful as a shed) is nothing but bushes. Well, since we've only lived here since October, and fall and winter in Oregon is cold and wet, I haven't had a chance to go crawling around in said bushes to make sure the fence is complete on that side of the yard and fully intact.

Well, it took him until about mid-December but Titan discovered those bushes and figured "hey, I can hide in those!" The first time I about had a heart attack when I walked outside and Titan was nowhere to be seen or heard. I thought he'd finally dug a hole under the fence. Oh no. The crazy pup was crawling around in the bushes. I'm just betting that's where he's started digging under the fence, because 1. I recently learned his friend from the other day, an adorable little black Yorkshire Terrier puppy is our next door neighbors on the bush side, and 2. Mom can't see the hole to cover it up before he gets under the fence. Smart little puppy. So we've been working on teaching him to stay away from the bushes. A month later and I swear the only thing he's learned is to look incredibly guilty when I catch him in the bushes or going near the bushes. Sheesh, he even hangs his head and pouts when he even thinks of going in the bushes. But does he stay out of the crazy bushes. No. Of course not.

Guess my summer plans to rip up that side of the yard, barricade it, and plant a garden just got bumped to my early spring plans. Oh the joy.

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