Saturday, January 30, 2010

True Baby

Well, Titan has a brother. And there is now a true baby in the house. No, I didn't have a baby. We got a little ten week old miniature pinscher tonight. He and Titan were fast friends. And my house has become a jungle gym, cause the little guy, for whom we've decided to keep his original name Bam-Bam, is small but able to climb to some remarkably high places. My two boys have had quite the time this evening wrestling and playing...

What was hysterical was when Bam decided Titan was being a bully (Titan figured out how to old Bam down with his butt so he could bite at him) and Bam proceeded to find a strategic hiding place where he could Titan, but Titan couldn't get him.

Bam is definitely a baby though. He's been crying for a while now. Poor thing's homesick and the only thing that calms him down is when I hold him and love on him. Although that makes it extremely difficult to eat (as I was doing when I figured out how to soothe him) or type. But he's so cute it's worth it :) I definitely foresee him being a mommy's pup. His favorite place has become my lap. And both he and Titan have been shadowing me everywhere.

Well, the crying started again. Time to snuggle with the new baby.

Oh, and might I add, every time Bam stops moving and looks at me or Titan I panic and jump up to check if he's peeing...oh the joys of potty training...

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Paige said...

aww! what precious pups!