Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why yes, I'm 29...again

I feel like an idiot. The last several months I've been talking about Jereme's birthday and in my head kept thinking it was his 29th birthday. Well, we were discussing what he wanted for dinner on his birthday and I asked if wanted candles for his cake. His response? "I don't really care. I'm turning thirty, so..." Which is about when I blanked and stared at him for a few seconds, "Shit, that's right." In theory, I knew we're eight years apart and that I'm turning 22 on the eighth, but I never connected that with him turning thirty.

The comical part is I started talking about his thirtieth birthday party last summer! I wanted to do a least a decent size party since it's a major birthday. Granted he didn't really want it cause he doesn't like the idea of turning thirty. (Really, who does at the time?) But I still had my heart set on doing it. So now I'm just sitting here, feeling like a dork because I forgot my husband can't turn 29 twice. Aren't I the genius one?

On the plus side, my thirtieth should go relatively smoothly because he won't have anything to pay me back for.

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